Friday, 1 June 2007

Why do all good things come to an end?

To my Dearest Babes and Spades

How can you possibility sum up New Communication Technologies in a blog? Well….I’m attempting and I hope it’s a good READABLE attempt.

Late last year when I was accepted in the Guest Program I had originally chosen Communication Practice…something along the lines rather. However I didn’t notice that it only took Semester 2 in take and my time at Griffith was ONLY for semester 1. I got it sorted out and changed to New Communication Technologies. I thought……what the hell this course is about as I read the course outlines and thought that the uni experience wouldn’t be the fun I expected. I under-estimated the potential of this course that lay in front of me and……how wrong was I too under-estimate something. Look at me in that photo. First day of uni life, fully prepared and ready for the unknown.

Here I was uni and still in high school. Since Week 1 – now, no lecture can be put under the title of boring or lullaby material. This course has awakened me to the possibilities of technology and made me SOOOooo so thankful for the pioneers of communication technology from the past, to the present and the future. From Cyberpunk, Open and free source software and net art, this course has provided me with the knowledge to be extensive and never consider the word limitations to come under new technologies. The impossible is possible.

The movies? They were something different. Different in a great, interesting and positive way. The first new wave French film interested me with its emotive images and language. Alphaville the same, EisTenz to imagine a possible scary future in gaming world and Primer to see time travel from a different perspective. I would highly recommend that these movies still are available for future NCT students to watch and gain an understanding to how humans have evolved and changed.

Steve…….you were just like one of those grandfathers that everyone wishes to have. Every time you spoke about something, everyone would pause, listen and think. You had this power over everyone and allowed me to learn from so many new interesting and bizarre concepts. My favourite lectures included Cyberpunk, Jason’s net art talk and Adam’s last week talk, Free and Open source software.

Tutorial Tasks were always something interesting, challenged and enjoyable. From interesting scavenger hunts, to Photoshop and virtual reality tours, I always felt comfortable and amused in Adam’s tutes. Adam’s week 12 lectures and game lecture were entertaining and interesting. Thanks for helping in weekly tutes and making NCT something so different. Cheers mate!

NCT was a course that allowed me to breathe in fresh air and imagine the impossible to be possible. It was a non-stress, relaxed course. It made uni a wonderful experience and I’ll deeply miss my weekly Fridays listening to both Steve and Adam give me something nobody else can, knowledge and perspective to challenge the new communication technologies of the past, today and the future.

Thank you guys and thank you to all those great NCT people. Thank you for making uni so great and letting me understand, ‘Why do all good things come to an end?

But to every ending lies a new beginning….don’t worry I’m sure, I’ll be seeing you in the near future.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Over and Out,

Written from the better wise Brooke Muir


Being a fellow lifesaver and just lover of the beach, I think the organisation of surf life saving IS news-worthy. The job of volunteering their time to their passion of the surf, makes me proud to call myself a lifesaver and Australian. I'm very respectful for the old clubies who have paved the way for the little grommets. The theme from this image, was trying to capture the essence of old and new, coming together.

In Photoshop, I got the zoom tool and coloured half of the cap yellow for each lifesaver. I then got the logo and placed it infront of the image, which stands for 2007 Year of the Lifesaver.

*Image collected from the net



I think whatever type of game whether it be physical or cool computer gaming deserves a big award. Every game requires skill AND effort. Here's a reward for all you game lovers out there :)

For this photo I edited it in Photoshop to give it a stencil look, to help make the award more italic and colourful.

*This image was taken from the web.


This image was taken from when Britney Spears got out of Rehab. In Photoshop I got both images but placed them on different layers and put the celebrity tag infront of the image. I did this because I thought it showed..... The thought coming out of her head 'I'm a Celebrity'. This shows that being a celebrity isn't all the glitz and glamour people portray it to be. In fact, it's just as rock bottom as our 'real' lives.
*Image taken from net


The movie 'Mean Girls' represents the idealism of a 'popular' person. People are blinded by the popularity that such a topic can bring and will do anything to reach that objective.
In Photoshop I used the blurred option so the subjects faces were hazy and blurred. This represents the fact that all individual's are blinded to ones mission to reach the top of social prestige.
*Image collected from net


I simply choose this image because I think it sums up Australians to a tie. I think Australians are great people, who love to have a smile, love to hang with their mates and love to be idiots. We're like chimps, we're cute and live in a small country down-under.
I edited this in photoshop and put both images on a layer. I put the australian map/flag over ontop of the chimps to get a blending effect. To represent the combination and blend of both topics.
*Image was taken from the internet


When I first thought of Communication I thought of the experiment famous in primary science. You get the funky string attached to the can and listen to it, while someone talks into the other end. I think this image represents the change and expectation of communication today, due to new technologies.

In Photoshop, I blurred the image and got a hazy effect. I thought this was suitable as the line between Communication and technologies presence has taken away its OWN unique distinction and the slow mould of it to be similar to our own personal little Computers.

*Image was collected from the net